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Community Service: Endorphin Power Company (EPC), a local Albuquerque Non-profit

Sky Carlisle, a local Albuquerque-born entrepreneur and business owner, has a history with EPC that runs deep, all the way back to 2004.

Graduating from Albuquerque High School with honors, as a 2004 Daniels Fund Scholar, he initially donated his time as a volunteer to help renovate the initial building and knock out some
of the old walls.

It was here that he met one of the founders, Sam Slishman, and wanted to rally behind a great cause – knowing Sam’s vision for the future, he saw this as an opportunity that would continue to grow and expand for many years to come.

In his transition from high school to college, Sky became a Student-Staff Specialist at UNM for the Student Affairs Department and as the Program Director he led a group of 15 other staff members and helped bring more than 300+ students that donated a combined 9,000 man-hours over the next 3 years, to renovate and build EPC.

During this time he studied Marketing & Entrepreneurship at UNM’s Anderson School of Management. In 2006, Sky co-founded another local nonprofit, geared towards student mentorship and leadership.

It was with this nonprofit that his passion for other people flourished, and his true desire to give back to the community was born.

Sky served as the Executive Director for this nonprofit and then stepped back and became a member of that board in 2008. It is still running to this day.

Since 2006, Sky has founded and launched 3 separate, successful businesses that serve clients in over 8 states and 3 times zones.

His work ethic is exceptional. In 2012, he became more involved with the EPC Board of Directors and was excited to see the changes and growth that the organization had gone through.

It was in January 2013 that Sky was elected to EPC Board of Directors, and was also elected as the Treasurer, joining the Executive Board. Actively, he also serves as the Chair of the
Strategic Planning Committee.

He brings his passion for people, experience in the nonprofit industry, and a leadership quality that will serve the EPC Board of Directors well for years to come. We are excited to have him as serve as an
Executive Board Member.

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